Tip of the day: why do some towels have stripes?

Have you noticed those horizontal lines on the towels? They have a very specific function. And not only for aesthetic reasons. In this article you will learn something new about this daily hygiene item.

Tip of the day: why do some towels have stripes?

The stripes on the towels may have an aesthetic purpose, but there is a very specific reason why these lines have been added.

There is a wide range of towels on the market. They come in all colors, sizes and materials. Some are softer than others, while others are more absorbent.

These strips are an old-fashioned way to get an idea of ​​how long your towels will last. These strips are known as reinforcing strips.

However, there is another, more practical reason to buy towels with bands. For those who prefer order, in addition to making it easier to fold and store towels, these strips help keep the ends tidy.

Now you know the true reason for these strips, until now little known to the general public. So think about them the next time you buy towels.