Tips for Cleaning Pans and Pots – Steps to Clean a Pan

If the bottom of the pans is completely blackened and crusty due to one distraction or another, washing becomes a real nightmare!

But did you know there’s a little trick to get your pots and pans looking new again?

Let’s find out together what it is and how to use it!

The procedure

There are many “Grandma’s tips” for thoroughly degreasing pots and pans. What you may not know is that there is an ingredient that we can use to our advantage and it is truly unexpected!

These are coffee grounds that you have probably heard of before to know how useful they can be for many household tasks.

Spread the ingredient over the affected areas and add hot water until the bottom is covered.

Leave it on overnight, the next day take a sponge or a special dishwashing brush and the dirt will be gone in seconds!

Other methods using coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are not only used for pots and pans, but also for many other things around the house.

Curious to find out more? Let’s explore more uses for coffee grounds!

Against insects

To use it in this case, just put it in a bowl of boiling water and leave it outside on the balcony all day.

The steam released by the water and coffee grounds creates an unpleasant smell for insects.

In the refrigerator

One of the many advantages that pomace has is that it can capture bad smells very easily.

If odors accumulate inside an appliance like the refrigerator due to expired or poorly covered food, know you have the right solution!

It is enough to place a saucer with dry coffee grounds near the shelf where the smell comes from and you will see that after a while there is no longer a problem!

For stubborn stains

Apply the mixture to a soft sponge and rub vigorously over the areas to be treated, then rinse with a microfiber cloth and dry thoroughly.

For wood

Simply mix it with a little water to create a kind of cream that you can then apply to a microfiber cloth and use on your wood!