4+1 Tips for Removing Stains from Sheets – Simple Tips

Stains on bedding are not easy to treat: let’s just say, it’s better to never see them!

But all too often we find ourselves dealing with very dirty sheets that need to be repaired quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Today we’ll look at some very common types of stains on sheets and give you 4+1 tips on how to remove them!

The sweat

The most common type of stain on bedding is undoubtedly sweat.

Simply mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide until you get a mixture with the consistency of a gel.

Then spread the mixture over the stain, wipe it with a microfiber cloth, and then machine wash it.

Drinks and food

A very common but equally wrong habit is consuming food and drinks on the bed.

Well, know that even in this case there are tips on how to remove the most stubborn stains. Let’s find out how!

Wet the affected area with water, add vinegar and wipe with a cloth, then machine wash and voila!

The blood

For such a stain, only hydrogen peroxide should be used, which releases molecules that disinfect and whiten the fabric, penetrating deep into the fibers.

Remember to first wet the sheet with lukewarm water, then spray the stain with hydrogen peroxide and rub gently to make it disappear.

Then proceed to washing, preferably by hand, using both hydrogen peroxide and a scoop of sodium percarbonate, ideal for bleaching and re-lightening the fabric.


To say goodbye to the stain, prepare a solution consisting of equal parts vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Put everything in a steamer and spray a generous amount onto the stain, scrub thoroughly and repeat the process several times until you feel the sheet is ready to be hand or machine washed.

The vinegar eliminates the odor while the hydrogen peroxide removes the stain and disinfects the fibers.

The picture

If you’ve already stained your fabric with foundation, lipstick and especially mascara, I have the solution.

Simply wet the stain with lukewarm water and rub vigorously with Marseille soap, a perfect ingredient for this type of dirt. It is no coincidence that it is used to clean makeup brushes.

Then put everything in the washing machine and you’re done!