Tips you didn’t know to remove a scratch on wood: All you need is coffee and nuts

Wood is a unique material, both in its appearance and in its ability to make furniture and our surroundings unique and harmonious. Each room has a different look and gives the house a feeling of warmth and coziness. Although resistant and durable, wood, like all materials, is subject to all kinds of wear and scratches that affect its appearance. Let’s take the example of doors, which are perhaps one of the pieces of furniture most subject to wear and tear.

Tips for removing a scratch from wood
That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. In particular, you will learn some useful tips for removing annoying scratches that are often present on doors. The first method we will introduce to you is using coffee grounds and flaxseed oil. This combination can breathe new life into your doors and reduce the unsightly appearance of scratches.

Simply mix a little oil with coffee grounds and apply the mixture to the door scratches. After a few minutes, take a dry, soft cloth and rub until the product is completely absorbed.


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Another effective way to remove scratches on doors is to use walnut kernels, which can turn into a kind of magic eraser that can remove even the most superficial scratches. Simply peel a walnut and rub the kernel vigorously over the scratches until the oil penetrates the scratches.

Then continue rubbing with a dry cloth to polish, making sure the wood absorbs all the oil.

If there are clear grooves, you can use beeswax. Dissolve a small amount in water and mix with wood stain. Rub the grooves with the resulting paste and remove the excess with a cloth.