To make the silver shine again, all you need to do is use an old towel

To make the silver shine again, all you need to do is use an old towel  . For decades, silver cutlery has been what means so much to its owner. This was passed down from generation to generation. It is a real wealth that must be well preserved.  From jewelry to tableware, including candlesticks, the goal is to keep them in the best possible condition and always in good condition.

Unfortunately,  oxidation and discoloration degrade and deteriorate  over time. But we must not despair because there is a natural remedy that can restore silver objects to their former radiant beauty by making them shine like new.

To make the silver shine again, all you need to do is use an old towel

The necessary ingredients

You will need a  soft sponge  ,  baking soda  and  Marseille soap  .

These three products are enough to thoroughly clean silver cutlery and restore it to its original shine.

Bicarbonate contains abrasive  properties to combat oxidation   Its  brightening effect  helps make materials shine. As for the cleaning agent, it also works effectively on these items.

Finally,  the size of the towel to use depends on the amount of items to be polished  . It is recommended  to use  white fabric if possible  to avoid the risk of color transfer during work.

What’s next?

It is easy and quick to prepare.

  1. Soak the sponge in lukewarm water and squeeze out half of it.
  2. Then rub with detergent  to cover all parts of the towel with foam. If  using liquid soap  , spread a few drops so that the product is evenly distributed over the fabric.
  3. Finally  add some baking powder  . The solution is now ready.
  4. Using it is easy.  Simply spread the napkin on a flat surface and place rings, necklaces, bracelets and any silver items inside  . If possible, only take up half of the towel and use the other part to completely cover the materials.
  5. Apply light pressure  to bring the two sides together and mix the ingredients well.  Wait 4 to 5 hours until all signs of oxidation disappear  . Now  gently rub the items with the towel  .
  6. As soon as they are rinsed off, they shine in new splendor and become like new again.


To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to carry out a test on a small invisible corner  of the cutlery before completely cleaning  .

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