Toilet full of rust and lime, forget about bleach: you can solve the problem in the kitchen

The bathroom is one of the dirtiest things in the house. Cleaning the bathroom is practically dramatic, it requires a lot of patience and a lot of time.

Sometimes, despite using many products that are harmful to health, powerful, toxic and even corrosive to toilets, obtain the desired result and be completely satisfied. This is because stubborn dirt, limescale and rust are impossible to remove.

The secret to preventing rust or limescale from forming is cleaning the toilet daily to prevent dirt from settling. This is a problem especially present in large families where the bathroom is always busy and it is difficult to find a time to clean it. The more the toilet is used, the less it is cleaned and the more difficult it is to clean it to remove scale and make it look new again.

The toilet, how to clean the dirtiest toilets

For obvious reasons, it is therefore one of the toilets in the bathroom that must always be clean and sanitized , free of germs and bacteria, as well like encrustations that give the impression of a dirty bathroom. To achieve an excellent result, obviously without rushing, it is necessary to change your habits.

First of all, arm yourself, as usual, with latex or rubber gloves and wash the toilet carefully and thoroughly. After having washed it well, we go on to apply an ingredient that we all have in the kitchen cabinet or in the pantry. This ingredient is fabulous, miraculous, it does not cost much unlike the products indicated for bathroom hygiene and cleaning that do not work as they should.

The miracle ingredient that we all have in our pantry

The miraculous ingredient is salt, which is not only useful in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes, but is also capable of disinfecting completely the toilet, eliminating germs and bacteria.

To prepare the miracle solution, mix the salt with the baking soda directly into the toilet water and leave it to act overnight. Nighttime is preferred because it is the only time of day when the bathroom is used less. The longer the salt and baking soda remain in the toilet water, the better.

Salt, in particular, removes scale and traces of dirt. There is a second foolproof method, which consists of using salt dissolved in hot water, this solution is especially useful for cleaning the toilet seat and lid .

Other natural remedies to clean the bathroom and remove dirt from the toilet

In addition to salt, you can use many other natural products that you have at home, for example baking soda which is capable of whitening the interior of the cup. It is applied every 15 days on the internal ceramic and on the toilet brush . Then leave it on for hours. Once the set time has passed, take the brush and rub it vigorously against the walls of the toilet. This operation serves to remove embedded dirt from both the toilet and the brush. After performing the operation, remember to flush the toilet.

Lemon juice is also added to the baking soda , which is excellent against yellow stains. Two glasses of baking soda and one of lemon juice are enough, together they create a creamy paste that immediately adheres to the inner walls of the toilet. You have to wait a few hours, once the inside of the toilet has been rinsed, the result will be formidable. Obviously for more stubborn encrustations it is necessary to repeat the operation several times. For example, rust is difficult to remove and therefore requires more patience and, in some cases, even effort.

Finally, you can try using a second compound, composed of baking soda and white vinegar . They are mixed in hot water, which must be boiled in a saucepan. You wait half an hour and then flush the toilet. There may also be leftover foam, in this case rub a little more with the toilet brush and flush again.

The ancient remedy of Coca Cola

The old remedy that has to do with Coca-Cola never fails. The carbonated drink is effective against any type of resistant incrustation present inside and outside the toilet. It is poured into the glass and then left to act for several hours.

Finally, you pass the brush and flush the chain. The toilet is left clean and shiny, free of germs and bacteria.