Toilet paper and iron: THE technique to save money

Using toilet paper and an iron can make a lot of economic sense. Like aluminum foil and iron, it is a trick that will reduce your expenses. Learn more about the potential of this combination.

Toilet paper and iron: a link to food preservation

Vacuum packaging is one of the food preservation solutions available to the general public, which allows food to be stored in the best possible way.

However, it must be taken into account that vacuum-packaged foods have an expiration date. It would be a mistake to rely solely on the type of bag or the quality of the vacuum machine.

The type of food that is stored and the treatment it has received before being preserved play a fundamental role in its useful life.

In other words, even if you vacuum pack following the rules of the art, you may end up having problems that affect the quality of the food.

Toilet paper and iron: for what exactly?

Vacuum packaging blocks the passage of air around the food. As a result, bacteria and microorganisms cannot survive or proliferate.

However, once the vacuum conservation process is broken, the risk of exposure to various types of external aggression is high.

If the best before date is not a spoilage date, nothing is safe and we end up wasting food. Everyone is looking for a way to preserve food after unpacking it, but vacuum packaging isn’t an option for every home.

The alternative is to use toilet paper and an iron. Here are the steps to follow:

Unroll the toilet paper into several overlapping sheets;
Bring the edges of the open container together and place them on top of the toilet paper;
Once the edges are covered with toilet paper, iron once or twice;
The heat will cause the paper to stick between the flaps, without burning it.