Toilet paper soaked in vinegar: everyone does it, it solves the biggest bathroom problem

We no longer count the many virtues of white vinegar. Indispensable for degreasing or descaling household appliances, this product also allows you to thoroughly clean the interior. Some people use it in an unusual way to solve a recurring problem in the bathroom.

For natural cleaning of the house and in particular of toilets, white vinegar is often recommended. For descaling toilets, it is the top product to always have on hand. Here is an unusual way to use it that will surprise you.

Why wet toilet paper with white vinegar?

The toilet paper and white vinegar trick can be a real alternative to certain industrial household products. The latter, being most often toxic and harmful to health and the environment, do not always bring the desired results.

  • Toilet paper and white vinegar, an effective trick for sanitizing toilets

We no longer present the many virtues of white vinegar. The secret of this ingredient lies in its acetic acid content. It is therefore formidable against traces of limescale, mold and bad odors. It can be used to sanitize the toilet and prevent limescale and yellow stains from depositing on the bowl.  To do this, simply spread the toilet paper evenly over the toilet bowl and then spray it with white vinegar. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Remove the paper, scrub with a toilet brush and then rinse. Bad odors and stubborn marks will disappear from your bowl!

Toilet paper

Toilet paper. Source: spm

You can use toilet paper soaked in white vinegar to polish furniture or any other dirty surface in your home. Some people use it to shine their shoes and give them a second life.

More toilet cleaning tips

Aside from the unusual toilet paper and white vinegar trick, there are other effective tricks for cleaning the toilet. There is no need to use corrosive and expensive products to keep it clean and sparkling. Try these solutions instead.

  • Clean the toilet with Coca-Cola
Coca cola in the bowl

Coca cola in the bowl. Source: spm

If you don’t have white vinegar, you can use soda to clean the toilet. Like vinegar, sour, fizzy Coca-Cola is very effective against limescale stains. Simply pour the soda bottle over the bowl and let it sit overnight. Use the toilet brush the next day to scrub the inside walls and then flush the toilet.

  • Use pumice stone to clean the toilet

Using pumice stone in the toilet is the second unexpected but effective trick. However, it is necessary to moisten both the stone and the surface to be cleaned to avoid scratches.  For greater efficiency, you can pour two tablespoons of baking soda.  This will help you remove dirt deposits more easily.  After scrubbing well with the brush, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. Gently rub any residual stains using delicate circular movements with the pumice stone then flush the toilet to rinse.

  • Disinfect the toilet with hydrogen peroxide
hydrogen peroxide

Bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Source: spm

Like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide is effective at killing bacteria and germs. To do this, pour ½ cup of this sanitizing product into the toilet bowl. Let the product sit for about 30 minutes, then flush the toilet with clean water. By regularly repeating this operation you will keep the toilet clean and sparkling.

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