Trick to clean floor joints effortlessly and leave them impeccable

Cleaning the house is certainly not fun, but if there is one truly annoying and burdensome task, it is cleaning  the grout from the floor  . Luckily, there are tricks that can make our lives easier and give us more than perfect results.

Dirt, moisture and mold accumulate in the joints of the floor   , which can change the color of the joints themselves, giving the entire floor a different, more disheveled and aged appearance.

Conventional cleaning products are often used to clean grout. However, they are all loaded with chemicals that are certainly not good for our health or the environment.

To put into practice the  most effective trick to clean floor grout  you need:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate
  2. hard sponge
  3. Hot water

Pour some baking soda into a bucket full of warm (not boiling) water and pour it directly into the grout.

Then use the sponge to scrub well, making sure to remove all the dirt that will come off easily. Finally, rinse and mop as usual.

As simple as it may seem, this trick is probably the most effective at  removing all the dirt that accumulates between the joints  and leaving them practically like new.