Try these natural remedies to brighten shower trays yellowed by lime and mold.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that we use almost daily, so it is in constant contact with water. As a consequence, lime deposits can be observed in this room, as well as the proliferation of mold and other germs.

This applies to most toilets, especially shower trays, which often become very yellowish. In this article, we will propose some natural remedies that will remove these scales easily and effectively.

Remove limescale from shower trays

If your shower tray is turning a little yellow, it is mainly due to lime deposits on the surface. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can solve this problem without damaging the materials. Furthermore, the use of these natural solutions is totally respectful of the environment and health.


If your shower tray has limescale, you should know that acidic products such as vinegar or citric acid can return it to its original state in a very short time.

To do this, mix white vinegar and water in equal parts. Or dilute 150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of water. Next, spray the resulting product on the yellowed surface with a sprayer. Leave the product on for 15 minutes, then rub with a soft sponge and rinse.

Lemon juice

If you combine lemon juice with baking soda, you will obtain a powerful natural remedy to remove limescale from the shower tray.

Mix them and you will obtain a thick paste that you can apply all over the surface, paying special attention to areas that are very yellow. Then gently scrub with a soft toothbrush or non-abrasive sponge to remove stains.

Marseille soap

To whiten your shower tray again, you can use Marseille soap. Simply dissolve a few soap flakes in a little warm water.

Then, with a sponge, gently rub the surface and you will have a perfectly white shower tray.

Remove mold from the shower

If you are looking for a whitening remedy to get rid of yellowed and darkened shower trays, try baking soda.