Use it regularly for plants and you’ll have strong flowers and roots: infinitely lush.

Did you know that all you need is a special fertilizer for strong plants, flowers and roots? Let’s find out how to make it!

Ingrédient fleurs et racines fortes

Using organic fertilizers on plants is certainly better than those you find on the market, as they often contain substances that can cause serious damage to the environment. To have infinitely lush plants, you can prepare one with black beans, legumes rich in nutrients and beneficial properties. Let’s find out how to prepare this fertilizer and how to use it!

Plantes luxuriantes

Black beans: to which legume family do they belong?

Belonging to the legume category, black beans have the scientific name Phaselous vulgaris and are distinguished by their ovoid shape and shiny black shell, giving them an aesthetically pleasing effect. Generally associated with Mexican cuisine, these beans are also widespread in Italy, where they are used to prepare quick and tasty recipes. Before cooking them, however, they should be soaked at least the day before, to speed up cooking and make them more digestible. Few people know that they can be used, as well as in the kitchen, to prepare an excellent fertilizer for plants. Let’s discover the benefits of black beans on plants and how to prepare an organic fertilizer!

All the benefits of black beans for plants

Black beans have excellent beneficial qualities, as they contain a high quality of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus, as well as other minerals such as zinc and selenium. The benefits of black beans on plants, given the high dose of nutrients contained, are enormous; in fact, they positively affect their growth and flowering. Beans have the characteristic of absorbing nitrogen from the air and transforming it into an effective fertilizer to improve the soil and increase yield. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of black beans help to keep parasites away from plants, thus preserving them from dangerous diseases that can cause their death. Soil with black bean fertilizer remains moist and rich in beneficial substances that plants can absorb to stay lush and ensure abundant flowering.

How to make black bean fertilizer for flowers and strong roots
The procedure for preparing an effective fertilizer with black beans as a base is simple. Before moving on to the procedure, it’s worth pointing out a curiosity in preparing fertilizer with black beans: whereas to eat them, you need to soak them, to obtain fertilizer, they need to be used without using this procedure, so directly raw. In this way, black beans keep all their properties intact and increase their benefits for plants. To prepare the organic fertilizer, do the following:

Put two tablespoons of black beans in the blender;
Press the button and chop well;
When it becomes dust transfer to a plastic container;
Add one liter of water and stir with a toothpick;
Sieve the mixture and transfer it to another container.

What you need to use is the residue-free liquid obtained. At this point, to use the solution obtained travasala in a spray bottle and you can finally use it on plants. Spray with organic fertilizer to feed the plants thoroughly and make sure they have enough nutrients to remain vigorous for a long time. As we’ve seen, preparing organic fertilizer using a common ingredient like black beans is simple and economical. In fact, black beans have a negligible cost and are also easy to find, but we can also grow them in our garden so we always have them available. You can prepare the fertilizer in minutes and use it to feed the plants without having to run to the store to buy expensive and often ineffective one. Organic fertilizer is natural and works without damaging your plants, even delicate ones like orchids, which you can now grow successfully!