Water the soil immediately with this – double the yield of fruit and vegetables

By watering the soil with this ingredient, we’ll get twice the normal yield of fruit and vegetables. In the shelves of supermarkets and our trusted greengrocers, we find fresh fruit and vegetables every day, and many of them are used on our tables for our dishes.

In Italy, vegetable consumption is very important, as many of these fruits and vegetables are used and consumed in the famous Mediterranean diet, and we therefore tend to choose the best products.

Soil: Here’s what to use to double your harvest
Every fruit and vegetable has its own season, even if some are available all year round, but you have to be very careful to look for quality produce that isn’t exorbitantly expensive.

Lately, in fact, we’ve seen a huge increase in prices and many of the ingredients we use for our dishes have become very expensive, with some even tripling in price.

One of the reasons was also the drought that hit our country, due to high temperatures during the summer season, which resulted in a smaller harvest than in previous years.

Soil: the ingredient that doubles the harvest
As a result, farmers found themselves with a smaller quantity of produce to sell and offer, so they had to hold out by raising the price, as those few products sold had a lot of maintenance to grow.

But not everyone knows that the most expert growers use certain methods to ensure that their crop grows exponentially and can even double thanks to certain fertilizers.

In nature, there are fertilizers that tend to accelerate the development of fruit and vegetables and, in so doing, a larger harvest can be obtained, which would also benefit the consumer.

The useful ingredient for growers
The most popular ingredient that tends to make fruit and vegetables grow first is brewer’s yeast powder which, when combined with water, creates a truly useful fertilizer for vegetables, greens and fruit trees.

Add two sachets of brewer’s yeast powder to a pot of water, and a teaspoon of sugar to activate it and act as a fertilizer.

The yeast will not only help vegetables and fruit, but thanks to its fungicidal action, it will combat any diseases that may arise and prevent the formation of moulds.

Soil: the ingredient that doubles the harvestIn addition, the sugar will tend to make the yeast act immediately and the plant, absorbing everything, will grow abundantly, producing tastier fruit in greater quantities than expected.
This method is just one of those tested by more expert growers, who also use mixed eggshells to put in the soil, to ensure that the plants have a greater calcium intake and become stronger.

So, if you have fruit plants or vegetables to grow, perhaps have a vegetable garden on the balcony at home, you can opt for these solutions.