Use salt in the toilet: grandmother’s tip!

It is well known that salt has many properties and is used in many ways, including for cooking.

Know that putting 100 grams  of salt inside the  toilet  will solve a problem that often arises in our homes.

The bathroom  is one of the places that you need to keep clean more than others and it is often tiring to make sure that the sanitary facilities, especially the Vater, remain  shiny and white.

Salt in the toilet? Discover this foolproof tip with us!

To do this, there are many products on the market, some of which can  sometimes be so aggressive that they damage the ceramic.

But not only that, because they can also be harmful to us who use them . But know that it is possible to achieve the same result with alternative solutions.

We often already have them available at home, without knowing that we have them.

Today we tell you how  to make your bathroom accessories shine , using very simple kitchen salt. Here are the ingredients to prepare a compound for your cleaning.


– a handful of baking soda
– 100 grams of coarse salt
– 100 ml of water


Take a bowl and after adding  the coarse salt and the baking soda , slowly add the water while stirring, until these elements have created a sort of cream that you can then use.

It’s an ancient remedy, but you’ll be amazed at how effective it is. Take part  of the mixture and put it in the Vater  and using the brush, make the mixture adhere everywhere. Do not rinse the water and leave it overnight.

The next morning, draw out the water and you will see what a wonderful result you have obtained. Your toilets will be perfectly whitened and sanitized.

To increase the cleaning power and also eliminate limescale by adding  white vinegar to the mixture.  Of course, this compound can be used to clean any bathroom, including tiles.