Vinegar is the secret to soft towels and sparkling white laundry: here’s how to use it

Chemical cleaning products are causing more and more mistrust among consumers. The reason for this is that some of their ingredients are toxic. So why not substitute these with natural ingredients such as white vinegar? It would be a mistake to skip using this ingredient in your laundry because it is incredibly effective.

Phthalates, triclosan, ammonia and many more. These chemical ingredients are found in large quantities in everyday cleaning products. To get around them, there is a solution: white vinegar. This ingredient is an extremely natural solution for your laundry. Softener, natural disinfectant, deodorant are just some of the many functions that this essential liquid can perform in our home.

What are the benefits of using white vinegar as a natural cleaning agent?

Move aside, smells!

If your clothes smell unpleasant or have a persistent smell of sweat, you have a wonderful antibacterial agent on hand: white vinegar. Because white vinegar kills the germs that are responsible for this problem. To benefit from this effect, simply mix 2 cups of white vinegar and hot water together in the liquid detergent compartment. Another solution is to pre-wash the dirty laundry in a mixture consisting of this acid solution (one cup) and cold water – that’s it!

Get rid of stains

For this trick, equip yourself with a bottle that has a spray nozzle. Here you spray the hard-to-remove stains with white vinegar and then wait about 20 minutes for the whole thing to take effect. If the stains are still there, mix this homemade cleaning product with a tablespoon of baking soda. Since this approach can damage the fabric, you should be careful and use it with caution.

A protection for your colors

When you wash your clothes, they may become colorless and lose their splendor. Rest assured that vinegar can get to the bottom of this problem. Just pour a cup of vinegar into the drum during the final rinse. You will own colorful clothing for a longer time!

Soak your laundry

Have you ever thought about white vinegar as a natural fabric softener for soft laundry? If not, then you’ve made a mistake because white vinegar destroys detergent residue that can affect the softness of your clothes. So try replacing the conventional product with the well-known vinegar and let the magic happen.

Repair accidents

For those who have never had this problem before, we will lay the foundation. If your clothes have faded due to bleach, then the solution is obvious. Mix two cups of white vinegar with hot water in a bowl and let your clothes soak overnight.


Since this radical and natural solution also has its limits, it is important to ensure that the clothing is not damaged. It is important to never mix detergent and white vinegar together to avoid making clothes greasy.

To remove scents, you have two options: you can add vinegar to the rinse cycle or to the liquid detergent compartment. However, you should only use this product sparingly, as this home remedy can clog pipes and cause damage to washing machines.

To use these tips safely, you should find out whether your appliance is vinegar-resistant, as the acid in vinegar can damage the inside of your washing machine. White vinegar should also be avoided on sensitive fabrics as it severely attacks these textiles.