I throw a regular plastic bag into the washing machine – now everything washes better and I need twice as much powder

With this simple patent, your laundry will not only be washed better, but also less wrinkled, easier to iron and more economical in the use of detergent.

In addition, the method helps extend the life of your washing machine. But how?

How does a plastic bag specifically help when doing laundry?

This trick was recommended to me by my grandmother, who has been using the patent since the advent of plastic bags in our country.

Back then we weren’t yet inundated with plastic, and plastic bags were very expensive. Back then, many housewives put them in the washing machine to clean and reuse them.

But practice has shown that if you wash the bags together with the laundry, they have a remarkable effect, because it is better for the laundry than for the bag.

This is due to the properties of the plastic bag. When washing, static electricity is generated in the drum of the washing machine. Of course, the washing machine is grounded, but when washing in the drum this process takes place.

The result is that the plastic bag catches all the hair and wool from the clothes, which firstly cleans the laundry much better and secondly prevents the washing machine filters from clogging as all the hair, lint and lint are attracted to the bag.

And thirdly, the bag acts like a large spoon, which helps to better distribute the undissolved powder in the drum. So you simply use less of it and reduce consumption by almost half!