What happens if you boil cinnamon and orange? You will be addicted to it

What happens if you boil cinnamon and orange? You will be addicted to it   

The house still requires regular maintenance to keep the interior clean and tidy. This is the only guarantee of living in a healthy home where we feel comfortable. However, cleaning the house is not a pleasant task. Not to mention the   bad odors   that tend to settle in certain areas of the house. 

This is the purpose of   boiling cinnamon and orange to give a pleasant aroma inside. You should know that the bad smell is due to the   formation and proliferation of bacteria and germs. 

There are several reasons that can make the interior smelly. In fact, this is the case when you cook fried or fish- based preparations   . Then bad odors can   come from dirt, dust as well as mold   that accumulates in a certain area of ​​the room.

Of course, we point the finger at   sinks and toilet pipes   as sources of bad odors. All this to say that bad smells accompany us every day and it is completely normal. 

We must adopt the best measures to get rid of these unpleasant odors once and for all. For this reason, the use of chemicals is no longer popular. All families are now interested in natural tips for making a particularly effective and good-smelling air freshener. 

How to make your own DIY air freshener?

  1. Pour the water into a saucepan;
  2. Place orange peels on top;
  3. Boil and add the cinnamon sticks;
  4. Follow with some cloves;
  5. Continue the boiling process;
  6. Turn off the heat and cool;
  7. Transfer the liquid into some glass jars;
  8. Drop in the corners of each room.