What happens if you put a handful of coarse salt in a corner of the house?

Coarse salt in a corner of the house. Have you ever tried to express it? Here are the consequences of this agreement.  Surely you have heard of the popular belief that putting handfuls of salt in the corners of the house is a good omen against the evil eye. But beyond the many superstitions that surround this important mineral, there is a very good reason to put salt in a corner of the house, and it has nothing to do with bad luck or the evil eye.

Salt between superstition and concrete benefits

There are many superstitions about salt and they have been around for a long time over the years. It’s amazing how such a common product can generate so many popular beliefs. Some believe that salt should not be passed from hand to hand because it brings bad luck    , while others maintain that if not treated quickly it would bring years of bad luck if it fell to the ground. And there are those who, on the contrary, believe that it is a lucky charm.

Coarse salt in the corners of the house
 In fact, it is not uncommon to find small piles of salt in the corners of certain houses, especially if they are inhabited by elderly people or in the most remote villages, deliberately placed to protect against bad luck. But    using salt in the corners of the house can be a non-superstitious solution    to a common problem, even in the most modern homes and in the most skeptical families.

Why sprinkle salt in the corners of the house?

As we know, among the many properties of salt, there is    one that is very useful in many cases. Let’s talk about its ability to absorb moisture. A property that makes it an excellent ally not only for culinary preparations but also in cupboards and more humid corners of the house.
Having coarse salt in a container and    placing it in the most humid corners of the house is actually very useful for absorbing moisture and preventing mold from forming on both the walls and the floor.

Salt shaker against humidity
 To obtain a good result from this natural dehumidifier,   just    pour 200 grams of coarse salt into a fairly large bowl. Obviously, this remedy is suitable for both corners and ceilings. To reach higher wet walls, simply place the salt bowl on a piece of furniture.

And    if humidity also brings with it unpleasant odors    , you can intervene by adding another ally to salt, always present in the kitchen. We are talking about baking powder.

Coarse salt and baking soda.
 In fact, among the properties of baking soda we find that it absorbs odors excellently. One teaspoon is enough    to absorb bad odors caused by humidity    . In this way, one of the most common household problems can be solved in a very economical way. Last but not least,    avoid using chemicals    that can be harmful.

Of course, if the humidity problem is excessive, it is advisable to contact a professional who can solve the problem permanently.