White and highly scented cushions, no detergent needed: use this

Make your pillows look like new again by following these simple steps, they will be cleaner and more disinfected than ever! No detergents or chemical agents will be needed.

Over time, our cushions tend to turn yellow . They absorb dirt night after night and create stains that can seem irreparable. Inside, however, a perfect environment is created for the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

The cushions absorb a lot of dirt and little by little their color changes, presenting large yellow stains . The mites begin to proliferate and the pillowcase is not enough to protect them. Every night we rest our face on our soft pillow: it is one of the most delicate areas of our body and we must make sure we rest on a bacteria-free surface. The beauty and health of our skin could be significantly affected.

The situation I just described is not exactly rosy, you will surely want to go wash all the cushions you have at home! Excellent idea, but follow this little guide that will allow you to obtain impeccable results using ingredients that you already have at home. Fortunately there are some notable solutions to whiten and sanitize our pillow, now we will explain them to you.

They will be as good as new: this is how

There are four home tricks to deeply clean our pillows, and it is advisable to use them at least once a month.

yellowed pillows

The first trick is to use baking soda and vinegar . It is a completely natural mixture that has whitening and softening powers, it will eliminate any sweat stains and studies from the University of Iowa confirm this. The necessary doses are 80 grams of baking soda and half a cup of white wine vinegar, approximately 125 ml. The procedure  consists of placing the cushions in the washing machine, adding the doses just mentioned, completing the wash and exposing the cushions to the sun for complete drying.< /span>

The second method  consists of using lemon juice and hot water . We all know that lemon juice has highly antibacterial and disinfectant properties and has a very powerful action. You will need the juice of six lemons to squeeze with the juicer and ten cups of very hot water. The preparation consists of boiling this amount of water in a saucepan and, once it has boiled, adding the lemon juice. You will need to let the pillow soak in this boiling mixture, perhaps in a container. After two hours, completely submerged, it should be rinsed and exposed to the sun until completely dry.

Below are two more foolproof tips.

clean pillows

Two other certified and infallible methods

The third method that we propose involves the use of baking soda and tea tree oil . Mixing these two ingredients will create a natural detergent. It has whitening and antibacterial properties. The exact doses for a correct mixture are 80 grams of baking soda and only 10 drops of the essential oil. The procedure consists of mixing the baking soda and the tea tree in a container; Once the mixture is obtained, spread it on the stains and leave it to act for three quarters of an hour. After 45 minutes you can rinse everything and expose it to the sun.

The last method consists of using lemon and hydrogen peroxide . A very powerful compound that will disinfect the entire surface and interior of the pillow, killing mites and bacteria. You will need 125 ml of lemon juice and 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Once these two ingredients are combined, pour them into a container filled with boiling water. The pillow will need to be left to soak for about an hour. Rinse off, lie down in the sun and enjoy your new pillow!