Who would have thought that aluminum foil and coarse salt could solve this common household problem?

Did you know that aluminum foil and coarse salt are a winning combination to solve this recurring problem in the home? They are two common and cheap products that you can use ingeniously. We are sure you will love this trick!

The combination of salt and aluminum foil is one of grandma’s best-known remedies. Aluminum foil is 100% recyclable, but you can take advantage of the beneficial properties of salt to clean your house.

But how to use these two elements? The results will leave you speechless.

Aluminum foil: an everyday tool

It is unthinkable not to have aluminum foil at home. It is a very useful product in the kitchen. It is generally used to wrap and preserve food.

However, few people know that aluminum foil has other unexpected functions apart from wrapping food.

For example, it can replace a scouring pad. It can also be used to operate a remote control. Simply fill the empty battery compartment with aluminum foil and, like magic, it works again. But that is not all.

If you use aluminum foil with salt, you may have a special remedy to eliminate this very common household problem.

Aluminum foil and salt: what is it really for?

In the past, our grandmothers used aluminum foil to make silver shine. Let’s face it, silver items lose shine over time due to the natural oxidation of the metal.

However, instead of spending a fortune on cleaning products that don’t always give satisfactory results, you can try this old remedy.

You only need aluminum foil, two tablespoons of coarse salt, a handful of baking soda and hot water. How is it done?

Take a container and cover it with aluminum foil. Next, pour all the ingredients into it and mix them well. After this step, add the silver objects that you want to clean and polish into the mixture.

Seal them in the aluminum foil and let them rest for 30 minutes. The result: shiny, like-new silver objects.

Finally, rinse them and dry them with a soft cloth before storing them.