The ingenious way to clean the bathroom you’ve never seen before – everything shines in no time!

Cleaning the bathroom is not always a pleasant task. But thanks to this amazing trick, this room will shine in the blink of an eye without the slightest effort!

Dirty and encrusted bathrooms: what are the real causes?

Having a clean and disinfected bathroom is possible if you take care of the room daily. However, over time, you can end up having bathrooms with yellow stains and unpleasant odors.

To get rid of these unpleasant odors, people often turn to chemicals sold in stores, most of which are toxic.

Obviously, these products serve to perfume the room and remove stains, but they contain many chemical substances that can damage surfaces and contaminate the environment.

Why do unpleasant stains and odors form in the toilet? These are the most common causes of stains:

Cleaning products are not suitable for the material the toilet is made of.

Invasive cleaning.
Odors are usually caused by stagnant water or drains clogged with debris, cleaning product residue, or hair.

If major problems occur in the bathroom, we recommend that you call a plumber. However, if the problem is not yet serious, try this ingenious toothpaste technique.

Clean and shiny toilets: try the toothpaste trick

If you want your toilets to be clean, spotless and scented, you can use toothpaste. Generally used to care for teeth, toothpaste can become a disinfectant capable of cleaning and brightening toilets.

Tip 1

  • Take the tube of toothpaste and apply a sufficient amount into the toilet.
  • Spread the paste all over the inside of the cup and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • After this time, take the toilet brush and scrub the bowl vigorously. – Finally, flush the toilet and you will have a disinfected, clean and scented toilet.

Trick 2

  • Take an entire tube of toothpaste and use a needle to pierce the tube along its entire length.
  • Open the toilet compartment filled with water and dip the toothpaste tube into it.
  • Then close and flush. Every time you flush, toothpaste will be released to scent and clean the toilet.