Surprise: put 4 pieces of tomato in a jar and find out what happens in 10 days!

Do you dream of picking fresh red tomatoes from your garden? It is a dream that can come true if you grow this plant in your garden or balcony. Growing tomatoes is not that difficult with this original technique. You won’t believe your eyes! We present to you a special way of growing tomatoes that you cannot live without.

An original technique for growing tomatoes in pots

Take 4 tomato slices and a pot with soil.

Place these 4 tomato pieces in the pot and add a little soil on top.

Water well for about 10 days.

You will discover small tomato sprouts after a week.

And if you think it’s the same process as planting seeds, you’re dead wrong! This way of growing tomatoes helps reduce waste by using leftover tomatoes without throwing them away.