Why do supermarket basil plants always dry out when we bring them home?

Basil is one of the most used aromatic plants in the kitchen. A fundamental ingredient of our culinary tradition, it gives a touch of flavor and aroma to many different dishes. It may happen that you buy a basil plant at the supermarket , and it begins to dry out once you get it home .

The seedlings we buy at the supermarket are “designed” to last a short time, so that we have to buy another one after a short time. But recovering basil bought at the supermarket and making it last a long time is not impossible, and below we will explain how to do it.

Basil is not a plant that requires special care: it is very resistant and adapts well to many different climatic conditions, as long as they are not extreme and is not subjected to too abrupt changes.

Environmental and thermal shock

It is likely that the basil plant from the supermarket has spent many days in artificial light and at a controlled temperature, and then switched to natural light as soon as we bring it home.

Take this into account when choosing where to place the seedling. Our advice is to keep it indoors for a few days , perhaps near a window, to allow the plant to readjust to natural light without running into a “shock” that could damage it permanently.

Incorrect watering

The basil plant loves humidity , and must remain constantly hydrated. It is possible that the seedlings displayed at the supermarket received less water than they should.

As soon as you bring it home , water it frequently , but avoid putting too much water in at once. If the soil is too dry it is best to rehydrate it little by little.

Choosing the right soil

If you decide to transplant supermarket basil it is important to choose soil that is fertile enough. Don’t compact it too much or weigh it down.

To fertilize basil, choose a product that is liquid and rich in nitrogen.

Other tips to increase the survival of supermarket basil

Eliminate the white inflorescences that appear during the hot months. By eliminating the flowers the plant will have more energy to survive.

Do not expose the basil plant to direct sunlight to prevent it from burning the leaves.

Moisten the basil leaves when it is too hot . This simple trick helps basil stay fresher and tolerate heat better.

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