Why put a roll of toilet paper in the fridge before going to sleep?

Putting a roll of toilet paper in the fridge before you go to sleep is very useful for this reason: try it now.

Grandma’s remedies  are always the best and, although strange, you should follow them carefully by customizing them for various tasks around the house. We know that we prefer to adopt completely natural ingredients and methods, which not only preserve nature but also the budget at the end of the month. Toilet paper in the refrigerator  is a winning weapon and should be done every night before going to sleep. What are the benefits  and what happens the next morning?

Refrigerator and bad odors, which are the main causes

Often and deliberately, cleaning or checking the refrigerator is underestimated, the essential household appliance in every home. Bad odors and humidity are very common and can be  caused by multiple factors.

Among all, the lack of thorough cleaning, the storage of expired foods or those that are not in the appropriate containers, as well as some unexpected technical failures. To prevent and combat bad odors, the formation of humidity and mold, it is necessary  to clean the refrigerator at least once a week by removing or checking the food and drinks found there.

The stench can also come from a  lack of ventilation  , if the air does not circulate it is normal for food to mold or become sour, giving off bad odors.

Food should be stored inside its packaging or in special envelopes, up to airtight containers that preserve its quality. Drinks  cannot be stored  in any other way, but it is advisable to check that fruit juices or soft drinks have not gone sour over time.

To  eliminate the odor  there are grandmother’s methods, particular and curious, which can help without resorting to chemical products rich in  polluting preservatives and  often dangerous for health.

Why put toilet paper in the refrigerator

The  toilet paper roll  is not only a  useful tool in the bathroom  , because it can also be placed inside the refrigerator. If soaked in water and baking soda, a powerful mixture is created that eliminates all bad odors from the refrigerator and counteracts the formation of moisture overnight.

An ancestral method which uses  the absorbent action of bicarbonate  , as well as the elimination of odors.

toilet paper in the refrigerator

How to do? Take a roll of toilet paper and immerse it in a basin with water and a dissolved teaspoon of  baking soda  . Once all the liquid has been absorbed by the roll, drain it then place it in the refrigerator in a deep plate.

Toilet paper  in the refrigerator  will work overnight to  remove moisture  , odors, and mold growth and help food stay fresh.

It is used every night and the roller can last up to two weeks, then replace it so that it does not lose its purpose and power. A  completely natural grandmother’s remedy  , without the addition of chemical additives or preservatives to use without fear: the fridge will never have been so  fragrant and protected.