Why put bay leaves on the radiator? the tip to save money this winter


Have you ever put bay leaves on the radiator? Do it now because the reason is truly amazing.

Bay leaves  are often used as a  seasoning for food or for preparing herbal teas. Their history is truly ancient and they have always played an important role in events, celebrations and festivities. In other cases, they can also be used  above radiators  and the reason really leaves you speechless. Many people are already doing this and for those who haven’t yet taken this step, it’s time to start. Let’s find out together how and why?

How to use the radiator correctly in winter

Using  radiators well in this year 2022/2023  will be a duty for everyone, given that the costs of the bill will increase exponentially. Due to the continuing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the situation in Europe will be particularly difficult to manage. The Italian government has prepared a series of provisions to save, but at the same time not to  waste energy  .

Bay leaves

Some companies have seen invoices arriving at a minimum cost of 3,500 euros, particularly for those with many devices. When it  comes to heating  and radiators, it is important to follow government instructions in order to achieve excellent energy savings.

The first thing to do before switching on is a check by the specialized technician, so as not to  pollute  and not ask the device to operate inappropriately.

Warm radiator in winter

The technician will check if everything is up to standard, remove limescale and all the various devices. In addition, curtains, furniture and dryers must be kept away from  obstacles of all kinds  so that heat is diffused throughout the house. Considering the moment, it is better to also install the thermostatic valves and reflective panels to regulate the flow of hot water and not exceed the  temperature of the control unit  .

Bay leaves on the radiator to save money

But now let’s move on to the bay leaves which can be placed just above the radiator. Besides the fact that they are  really beautiful to look at  , these leaves have unique properties and you will be fascinated by what they can do.

A special plant that is used to prepare excellent herbal teas or dishes, up to the intense scent of the house. For the moment it is difficult to associate it with a radiator, however it will be enough to place bay leaves on the hot radiator to dry them: not only will they  intensely perfume  the house, but they can also be put in bags and then put in the drawers.

Dried bay leaf

Dried bay leaves can also be used to prepare the aforementioned herbal tea, or to help you fall asleep by placing the sachets under the pillow. In short, a truly innovative and simple method   to save on classic home fragrances which will never have this natural aroma.