Why put salt on the front door? This solves a common problem

Salt is one of the main ingredients in cooking, it is essential in countless dishes and not only in soups and stews.

In addition to enhancing the flavor of sweets and bread,   coarse salt   can unclog sink drains and much more.

It has an additional benefit, for example, to eliminate   cockroaches   that live in pipes and come out of sinks, especially at night.

Salt, not only in the kitchen

As a salt bath, it is ideal for those who want to relax and   tone their skin   . Indeed, associated with hot water, it activates perspiration and, consequently, the elimination of toxins.

Woman prepares fish with salt

To use, simply add salt freely to the bathtub and soak the body for about 30 minutes.

Anyone who lives in a city where snow and ice are easily found in the winter knows that there is a custom of   sprinkling salt on the roads.

coarse sea salt

There will likely be several deicing trucks in these cities spreading road salt on highways, paths, and sidewalks to   melt ice.

Of course, road salt is simply rock salt and table salt in its natural form. The difference is that table salt goes through a long purification process, unlike rock salt.

And since rock salt still contains impurities, it is brown or gray in color.

Relaxing salt bath

Why put it in front of the main door?

Especially in summer. You may, for example, seek   to keep ants away   by exploiting the properties of salt in your home!

In fact, there is a good reason to put salt in the house. It’s grandma’s trick to scare away the ants, because she scares them.

Finding   salt on a neighbor’s door   shouldn’t be alarming, it means they are using a natural system to solve a common problem for many of us.

This is because salt is an element that ants instinctively flee from, yes, because like weeds,   salt is a natural killer.

Ants in single file

Its use is actually very simple: extend it exactly where you noticed it passing. On the other hand, after the first scout ants have told the others where to go, a single, clearly visible file is created!

Once identified, it will be enough to   create an almost physical stop   with the coarse salt, which the little ants will not be able to cross. This prevents ants from entering the house.

Absorbs moisture and wards off the evil eye.

Locating the room opposite the main door helps reduce the level of humidity inside the house. In fact,   the property of salt to absorb moisture is not unknown.

Moisture on the window.

Sprinkling coarse salt on the outside of doors and windows   improves the interior condition of the house,   improving interior comfort, for example in the bedroom.

If you are superstitious, know the use of salt that removes negative “influences” that can overwhelm us.

In this case, it is not a dark or magical formula, but rather a simple   salt deposited in the house   , as if it were a ritual of regeneration of the rooms. A touch of color? Himalayan pink salt also as an accessory or ornament.