Why you should start putting aluminum foil on your shoes every night?

If you put aluminum foil on your shoes every night before going to bed, you will be surprised by the results.

Aluminum foil: why put it on shoes?

To prevent dirt from entering the house, it is best to take off your shoes when entering. But we often forget to do this and end up in the bedroom with dirty shoes.

When buying shoes, it is important to choose good quality ones. If you buy uncomfortable shoes, they will hurt and you won’t be able to walk well. That is why you have to buy the right pair of shoes for the shape of your foot and the use you are going to make of them.

However, shoe stores sometimes have attractive promotions, so you can buy pairs of shoes at a very low price. After a quick test, you pay and go home.

But when you try the shoes on again, you notice that they are completely tight. Do you think they are beyond repair? Don’t worry. Don’t throw them away just yet, because this ultimate solution can come to your rescue and make them a little bigger!

What happens if you put aluminum foil on your shoes?

This old grandmother’s remedy recommends putting aluminum foil inside your shoes before going to bed. It is a way to make tight shoes bigger. How is it done?

Take aluminum foil and shape it to fit inside the shoe. Next, dip the aluminum foil in a little alcohol before inserting it into your shoes.

Be careful with alcohol, as it can damage your shoes. You should do a test to avoid having the shoes completely damaged at the end of the process.

After this step, leave the alcohol-soaked aluminum foil on your shoes overnight, or a whole day if possible. The evaporated alcohol will expand the shoes.

Next, put on your shoes so that they adhere to your feet. We recommend that you wear them for at least 30 minutes a day so that they acquire the shape you want.

Thanks to this simple method, it is no longer possible to pull your shoes too tight! Just use aluminum foil to make them bigger and fit your feet better. Guaranteed comfort!