Why you would put fabric softener in toilet paper: Brilliant

Why should you pour fabric softener into toilet paper, the result is really awesome.

Pouring fabric softener on toilet paper  , why? The result seems really ingenious and surprising.

Toilet paper has  been on the market and in every one of our households for centuries  . It was specifically invented in the West around the middle of the 19th century.

However, it was already used in the East from 1300. It is certainly something we can no longer do without.

It is an accessory that is not missing in our homes precisely because it is essential for our hygiene.

Much later  , fabric softener came onto the market,  a detergent used after washing to soften cotton fabrics.

To achieve the same effect, people once used  a mixture of soap and oil. This mixture used to leave a smooth film on clothing.

Fabric softener and toilet paper, the surprising remedy

Fabric softener and toilet paper

It was not until the mid-20th century  that fabric softener  was invented by the textile industry to improve the comfort of fabrics.

Did you know that these products can also be used for other purposes and not just the purposes for which they were invented?

Well, they can be used in other ways too, even mixed. For example, did you know that they are very useful at home?

Fabric  softener and toilet paper  are an  excellent way to clean the house. Now we’ll tell you how to do it.

First you need  to take a roll of toilet paper and,  with extreme caution, take out the cardboard tube inside.

Fill the  bowl with this mixture  of 100 ml water, 50 ml alcohol and 15 grams of bicarbonate. Mix gently and add a scoop of bicarbonate.

Mix everything together and  place the toilet paper roll  on a deep plate. Pour the previously prepared solution over it.


Then place  the roll in a container. The result? They have prepared some cleaning wipes for housework  .

You can use it to clean bathroom fittings, tables, the kitchen and furniture. Alcohol  and bicarbonate  have important cleaning and disinfecting properties. The fabric softener gives off a pleasant scent.

Natural remedies and tricks based on fabric softener 

Did you know that you  can also use fabric softener for other purposes? Which  ? Few people know that  fabric softener  can be used on glass and floors.

Also use this cleaner  to remove stickers,  clean brushes, baking sheets and pans.

Alternatively, you can also polish wooden furniture. In short, it is a versatile product that can be used in different areas.

Many  natural remedies and tricks passed down from our grandmothers are based on completely natural products that we often have at home.

In this case, what we want to talk to you about today is based on  toilet paper and fabric softener  . These are useful products that, in addition to the original, can also fulfill very important functions.

Toothpaste and fabric softener

Toothpaste and fabric softener

Do you want  to perfume the room and   use toilet paper and this cleaning product ? Make a paste of  toothpaste and fabric softener.

Make a mixture of these two ingredients and spread this mixture on the inside of the paper roll.

You will be amazed by the scent that is created and spreads throughout the bathroom as if it were clean.

For example, if you are expecting unexpected guests and want your bathroom to smell good, you can use this remedy, which is simple, quick and easy to achieve precisely because they are two products that we all have at home.

Toothpaste, like  fabric softener, can  be used for many different purposes  .

It can be used not only for personal care, but also for whitening nails, removing hair dye stains or bad odors on hands.

It is also suitable for cleaning shoes, silver jewelry and the iron, removing bad odors from baby bottles and preventing swimming goggles from fogging up.