With just an old sock and the cheapest soap, your toilet will always smell good.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and also the one that needs special attention when cleaning.

This is because the place accumulates germs and bacteria and also has that smell of urine, which gives the impression of being unhygienic.

And a bad-smelling bathroom is very unpleasant and no one deserves it, right?

So keeping it clean and fragrant makes all the difference, and you can do it for almost nothing.

For example, if your bathroom has a flushing toilet, all you need is an old sock and some cheap soap.

Then, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step by step to always leave the toilet clean and scented:

1st – Take a used sock (that would probably go in the trash) and put the soap inside.

2nd – Cut with scissors diagonally (from top to bottom) until we get close to the soap.

3rd – Now you will tie a knot in the sock, joining the two parts that you have cut, leaving the soap inside a “bag” made with the sock.

4th – At the top of the sock you will tie another knot, leaving a hoop shape to put inside the unloading box.

5th – Open the attached flush-mount box and place this “ring” glued inside, on a support.

Every time you flush, your toilet will be clean and smelling good.

Additional Tips

  • Keep the bathroom airy by leaving doors and windows wide open so air can circulate.
  • Dry towels and rugs in the sun as much as possible, avoiding leaving them wet, as they can cause a bad smell inside the bathroom.
  • Regularly clean drains, for example avoiding hair build-up, helping water to flow faster.
  • Regularly wash trash cans, protecting them with a plastic bag.
  • Even applying the trick taught here, clean the toilet daily.