With this super cheap remedy, your washing machine will no longer smell bad

We’ll show you  this super cheap way to stop your  washing machine  from smelling bad.  This device is a must in our household because it makes doing laundry much easier, which can be very tiring when doing laundry manually.

Whether washing, removing stains or spinning, the washing machine does all of this work  .  However, over time, the washing machine can  develop bad smells and even malfunction. And if no decision is made, there is a risk that this  washing machine  will give up the ghost.

With this super cheap remedy, your washing machine will no longer smell bad

To clean and deodorize the washing machine, you must be careful  to properly disinfect the various components such as the drum or the filters.  For this we can rely on numerous products available on the market. But every product has its price and the whole thing can be worth a certain amount.

Fortunately, you can ensure effective cleaning of your washing machine and save money at the same time.  We recommend using  white wine vinegar  and baking soda.

The first solution is used for the drum and allows the removal of limescale and soap residue  . As for the  baking soda  , it should  be thrown in the trash as a natural cleaning agent  . This way you can  disinfect  and clean carefully  .

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Pour a glass of vinegar into the basket or pour this solution into a spray bottle
  • Add two teaspoons of the white powder  to the detergent compartment
  • Run an empty wash cycle
  • At the end of cleaning, open the drum

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