Yeast in the washing machine: The laundries’ trick

Here is  the trick laundries use to  add  yeast  to the washing machine . If you also have a large supply of yeast in your storage, you can use it to deep clean and disinfect the washing machine. Follow us to know more about this trick.

What are the consequences of a maintenance-free washing machine?

Contrary to popular belief, the washing machine naturally requires regular maintenance through thorough cleaning. In fact  , it is wrong to think that  detergent  will automatically clean the inside of the washing machine  . If you don’t clean the machine for a long time, you will quickly see the consequences.

A sign of a dirty washing machine is an unpleasant smell coming from the drum door  .  Over time, the washing machine may  malfunction  . Therefore,  the hot water preparation time may be longer.  In addition,  the high levels of limescale deposits in the pipes clog them  . Therefore  the pressure decreases.

The  washing machine  , like the dishwasher, requires special care. These are certainly devices that regularly come into contact with hot water and cleaning agents. And it’s normal to think that the interior is automatically clean. However, long-term contact with water and products is not without consequences.

Yeast in the washing machine: The laundries’ trick

The baking soda used as detergent for the washing machine   is a 100% natural product. In fact, you are helping to protect the environment. Since ancient times, yeast has been used in the kitchen for many preparations.

However, this ingredient can be used very well for careful cleaning of the washing machine. How to use it:

  1. Turn on the washing machine and program a vacuum wash
  2. Pour a solution of 200 ml vinegar and 18 g baking soda into the basket
  3. Choose a temperature of 90°C
  4. Repeat the same cleaning method once a month