Ironing: the infallible foil method, ready in 5 minutes

Here is  the foolproof foil method that will help you  finish ironing  in 5 minutes  . Among the most strenuous household chores, ironing is at the top of the list. In fact, this task not only takes time, it also requires precision but also patience. Not to mention the resulting power consumption.

Ironing: the infallible foil method, ready in 5 minutes

This technology has been used in laundry for several years. Since the professionals themselves use this method, this is proof that it is effective.  The secret to this trick is  aluminum foil  .

This is a method still unknown to the general public, but it is 100% effective and completely changes the perception of this task. All you need to do is follow these steps to use the slide:

  1. Prepare two large sheets of aluminum foil to line the iron frame of the board  . This step is of course done after removing the cover.
  2. Place the item of clothing to be ironed on the  board that has already been wrapped in aluminum foil.
  3. Iron clothes as usual  . The result is immediately visible because the wrinkles disappear immediately.

The principle of operation of this method is based on the heat generated by the iron. This heat is then dissipated by the film, promoting rapid and effective release of the fibers.

How to achieve easy and quick ironing?

While washing

Avoid   overloading the basket when doing laundry . A heavy load blocks the movement of clothing. In addition, it is strongly recommended  to favor a short wash cycle  and  avoid the spin cycle as much as possible.

You can  also reduce the speed to 600 to 800 revolutions  and  avoid high lye temperatures if possible.  By following these washing methods, you can be sure that your clothes will not wrinkle.

What to do before the infallible foil method is ready in 5 minutes?

As soon as the laundry is finished, it is advisable to take off the clothes immediately  . Then you need to  shake them out and spread them out before hanging them to dry with clothespins  . When fastening with the clips, pay attention  to areas of the garment that are not visible  .