Easily remove dust and dirt from the kitchen drainer

How to  easily remove dust and dirt from the kitchen drainer  . The dish drainer in the kitchen is an installation that must always be checked carefully, as dirt and limescale can prevent it from functioning properly.

The yellow soap

Yellow soap  is a  natural product  that has been used for many years. It is often used in the washing machine and is also  great for cleaning the  dish drainer  where dirt accumulates.

To use yellow soap, it is recommended  to bring a ball and soak a sponge well.  Once the sponge is well soaped, you can  clean all parts of the dish drainer.

Then perform  repeated and copious rinsing  to remove the coconut oil residue. Finally  dry  and you will receive a new draining board.

Easily remove dust and dirt from the kitchen dish drainer with white vinegar

White vinegar  is one of those natural products that can be used very well to clear clogs in the kitchen drainer. This solution  is particularly recommended for cleaning the steel drip tray  . How to use it:

  1. Pour white vinegar onto a sponge
  2. Rub the dirty areas and insist on the areas affected by limestone
  3. Let it sit for a while
  4. Rinse with a well-wrung cloth


After white vinegar, it is unthinkable not to mention baking soda. This white powder cleans the dish drainer thoroughly. To do this, you need to  mix baking soda  with water to create a kind of paste. However, this will not be the final consistency as you will need to add water to form a gel .

Then soak the sponge in this gel mixture and clean the draining rack  . Then all you have to do  is rinse  and you’ll have a dish drainer that’s like new again. And all this in just a few minutes and without much effort.

Marseille soap for effortlessly removing dust and dirt from kitchen draining racks

You can also  use Marseille soap for this task  . Not only do we love its pleasant scent, but its effectiveness is also completely there. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this:

  1. Dissolve a few castile soap flakes in some very hot water
  2. Pour the mixture onto a sponge
  3. You can add some baking soda
  4. Clean and rinse with warm water