Black shower grout: The solution is in the refrigerator

For  black shower mortar: The solution is in the refrigerator  . If you notice these unpleasant traces, you can easily and quickly solve the problem by resorting to a solution that is already in front of us.

Black shower grout: The solution is in the refrigerator

Each house is an expression of each individual’s personality and taste. As for the design of the room, as well as the furniture to be placed, everything is selected based on the personal preferences of each individual. But no matter how clean the room is, moisture and mold always prevail. And this is particularly noticeable in the joints between the shower tiles.

At the start of installation, the  tiles are  still completely white and new. But over time, an unpleasant black color can be seen at the joints. If there are still chemical cleaning products on the market, lemon and white wine vinegar are in no way inferior to chemical cleaning products. However, the solution to our problem is already before our eyes, especially in the refrigerator.

To determine the whiteness of the  tile joints  , simply take a lemon from the bottom compartment  . This citrus fruit is intended to be an extremely effective cleaning agent due to its disinfectant properties. In addition, lemon is an effective  natural disinfectant  and an  excellent perfume  .

How to whiten tile grout with lemon?

  1. Squeeze an organic lemon to get all the juice
  2. Mix a tablespoon  of baking soda  with half a glass of white vinegar,  lemon juice  and a glass of water
  3. Soak a sponge in the mixture  and  clean the joints thoroughly
  4. Leave on for half an hour
  5. It is possible   to clean  with natural lemon juice without additives and leave it on overnight
  6. Clean the next day  with a damp sponge