You can make them without spending money: here are 3 DIY detergents to clean the whole house

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If you think that to clean and disinfect the house you need to spend a fortune and fill it with harmful chemicals, you have never tried to make homemade detergents , which are cheap but equally effective. In the pantry you have all the natural ingredients that will allow you to disinfect any type of surface.

3 homemade detergents for shiny and shiny surfaces

Let’s start with glass , one of the most common and delicate materials on which it is necessary to carry out thorough cleaning. Vinegar is an excellent glass cleaner. Thanks to acetic acid it is able to remove fingerprints and stains without leaving traces or streaks.

To use it, prepare a solution by mixing a cup of water, a cup of vinegar and 10 grams of lemon juice . Transfer the solution into a spray container, spray it on the windows and clean the surface with a microfibre cloth.

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If, however, you need to clean steel surfaces , lemon is a real ace . This acid-rich ingredient helps to remove stains of all kinds, dirt and fingerprints and leaves the surface pleasantly scented.

To use it, squeeze 4 or 5 drops of lemon onto a microfiber cloth and rub the surface to be cleaned. Alternatively, if you also need to remove limescale, you can squeeze lemon juice into a bowl, soak a cloth and rub the affected areas.


To make wooden surfaces shine and protect them , you can create a detergent using Marseille soap . In a bowl, pour a glass of water, the juice of a lemon and a couple of drops of Marseille soap. Mix the mixture, transfer it into a spray container, spray it on wooden surfaces and rub it with a microfibre cloth.

Avoid using too much water, as excess moisture can damage the wood. After cleaning, dry the surfaces well with a clean cloth.