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laundry soda

Baking soda is not only suitable, as its name suggests, for washing clothes, but you can also use it for household chores.

Soda is an excellent help for cleaning the house as a substitute for a series of detergents that you usually buy in the supermarket. However, these have a very large impact on the environment so it is best to avoid them. The solution is soda, specifically washing soda, also called Solvay soda.

However, it should not be confused with caustic soda, which is something else and is what is used to make soap at home. Soda for washing clothes is easy to find and affordable, in addition to being much more environmentally friendly. However, it is not only used to wash clothes, but its uses are varied, from the kitchen to tiles and floors.

But be careful when using this product, always wear gloves. And this product is also not suitable for all fabrics and surfaces, this is where you can use it.

The thousand uses of solvay soda

For classic use in laundry, simply place a spoon in a container with 5 liters of water. In the washing machine, however, all you have to do is put a spoon in the tub. As it has degreasing and whitening properties, it will leave clothes super clean in addition to eliminating bad odors. However, be careful not to use soda for delicate fabrics and wool.

Soda is also great for cleaning floors , especially when they are dirty and full of stains. Also in this case, it is enough to dissolve 1 tablespoon in a 5-liter bucket of water. However, be careful not to use it on wooden or terracotta floors.

In the kitchen it has various uses, for example to clean surfaces but also accessories and some appliances. Encrusted or very dirty dishes can be left to act in 1 L of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and then rinsed .

To wash pots and pans and remove pans and burners. In this case, sprinkle the affected area with baking soda and add water little by little until creating a creamy mixture. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse. But be careful because soft drinks are not suitable for aluminum.

Even the oven or microwave can be cleaned with baking soda, thus removing scale. Simply dissolve 25 g of soda in 1 liter of water and then clean the pan and grill with a sponge.

soda bottles for washing clothes

Even bottles and jugs that are often reused and don’t wash well with just sparkling water will be more than clean. Simply calculate the amount of soda based on the size of the bottle, but on average 2 teaspoons is fine for bottles around 1 L. Put the soda, half the hot water and some beans in the bottle and shake. It will be the beans that will remove any trace of oil or anything else thanks to the abrasive function.

With soda you can also clean glasses and mirrors and just pour 2 teaspoons into 1 L of water for it to dissolve. For added convenience, transfer the liquid to a spray bottle and spray it on the windows with a sheet of newspaper or a dry cloth.

Where not to use soda to wash clothes

However, as we said, soda is not suitable for all types of materials and fabrics. This is where it should not be used at all: aluminum, terracotta, wood, bathtubs, silk, wool, very delicate fabrics.

Also be careful to keep it away from children and in contact with their eyes. It seems similar to baking soda, but unlike the latter it cannot be ingested.