Bags full of water and coins hanging on the balcony, everyone does it: it saves your life

Bags of water and coins.

Bags full of water with coins inside hanging on the balcony can be seen everywhere, initially only in the United States and travel lovers can confirm this. Now also in Italy. 

It is not difficult to see strange objects hanging on the porches of houses and in restaurants. In reality, it is a grandmother’s remedy that is slowly spreading like wildfire everywhere.

Bags filled with water and coins serve as a remedy against annoying insects, which can sometimes even be dangerous.

Pesky insects are a problem, no one knows how to scare them away.

Among the animals to repel not only are bees or mosquitoes , whose bites are painful and problematic. Flies should also not be underestimated, they are certainly not as harmful as bees, but they are annoying. This does not mean that they cannot harm people and their health.

For example, there are blueflies that carry many species of bacteria that contaminate food and can cause dangerous diseases. We are all looking for valid tricks that allow us to eliminate them, for example certain plants, particularly annoying aromas, which in the long run, however, also bother us who are at home. In reality there is a remedy that for human beings does not pose a problem, nor a limit, nor does it cause discomfort, which resolves the situation in a few moments.

What is needed to obtain a valid remedy at almost zero cost

To scare away annoying or dangerous insects and animals, simply hang bags full of water and coins on the balcony, they will leave without having to chase them away for minutes and minutes. To use bags you only need a plastic bag, like freezer bags, which are fine, of any size.

Then a little water, some coins, those of any value are fine although it is advisable to use those of 1 or at most 2 cents so as not to waste money. Alternatively, if you want to avoid using money, you can also use simple pieces of aluminum. And then, you need some rope.

How to prepare bags full of water

So, to prepare fly, mosquito and insect repellents, plastic bags are half filled with tap water. Then the chosen coins or pieces of aluminum are thrown into the water. The envelopes are then sealed with adhesive tape and hung with strings in front of the windows or directly on the balconies, perhaps where clothes are hung.

To date the reason is unknown, but we are sure that the remedy works. It probably works because the water with the coins or the pieces of aluminum inside, with the sun’s rays, produces particular reflections that bother the flies. This is the reason why almost everywhere, on window sills and balconies, you can find bags full of water and coins inside. 

That’s why you choose plastic bags instead of pesticides

It is not known if it will really work, it is not a scientifically proven remedy, nor has it ever been tested, however, it is the only one, or at least among a few, that really works. Alternatively, there are plants, such as lemongrass, aromatic herbs and in some cases even aloe that can act as repellents.

All these solutions are natural solutions that do not harm humans, which is why they are among the most recommended. Before resorting to pesticides, which certainly work, but are equally harmful to health, it is advisable to do some tests that may prove to be life-saving.