Fabrics stained with makeup, leave the washing machine alone: ​​you only need 1 thing and it’s in the kitchen

stained fabrics

Fabrics stained by makeup are usually very difficult to remove. Remnants of lipstick, foundation or eyeliner should not be removed in the washing machine, but require pre-washing and must be treated carefully to make the garments look like new again.

Generally they are put in the washing machine, and 1,000 products are poured directly into the drum or into the detergent drawer, hoping to that some of them, like bleach, for example, can act to solve the problem.

This does not happen, because sometimes the stain even hardens without being treated properly. So, at first you waste a lot of time between one wash and another, then you turn to the laundry that, with its professional and very expensive products, manages to remove any stain.

Natural remedies, here’s why we prefer them

First of all, it is advisable to try some infallible natural remedies . There are products that we all have at home, or rather particularly in the kitchen, that act immediately, with extreme delicacy , allowing us to obtain incredible results without spend a single euro.

The ingredients we use in the kitchen must be chosen based on the stain and the types of fabrics stained by makeup . It happens to everyone, at least once in their life, that they squeeze the tube of makeup foundation to release the product, when suddenly a large amount of cosmetic comes out and splashes on the glass of the bathroom and inevitably clothes.

Whether it’s a t-shirt or a shirt, you can try an ingredient present everywhere, which is never missing in the kitchen, is baking soda. You should rub the product on the stain perhaps with a toothbrush, after a few minutes the stain will disappear . The garment can then be placed directly in the washing machine.

Cotton and delicate fabrics, how to also remove stains

If it is cotton food, it is best to use hydrogen peroxide instead. While, for stains caused by beauty creams, talcum powder is used, which must be brushed well on the stain, this even eliminates the marks.

As for delicate fabrics, wool stains are cleaned with ether, silk stains are removed with warm water and a little neutral detergent, stains from rugs and carpets simply disappear with shampoo.

The product par excellence to remove stains from any fabric

To clean makeup-stained fabrics , white vinegar is very useful, combined with sodium percarbonate. White vinegar is suitable for stains on silk, wipe with a damp cloth and then wash the garment in warm water.

Vinegar is recommended for all very delicate garments that do not want to be treated with detergents or aggressive products. Guarantees excellent results, without risks and without spending exorbitant amounts. As for sodium percarbonate, it is poured directly onto the stain and left to act. The product is better than bleach because it is environmentally friendly, does not harm health and does not damage fabrics because it is delicate.

In particular, vinegar can also be poured into the washing machine drawer or into the drum, the clothes not only smell, but that once again has bright colors, like new.

Pencil and lipstick stains, how to proceed.

We now move on to the eye pencil stains, these are removed with a damp cloth that must be rubbed directly on the stain with firm, slow and circular movements. You have to go from the edge to the center. Rub gently for several minutes and then rinse with cold water . Once this is done, blot the stain carefully with a towel, then a paper towel, and then put the garment in the washing machine.

As for lipstick stains, there are more natural remedies to choose from. Marseille soap is useful and can be rubbed directly on the stain, it is not necessary to rub it, you just have to let it sit for at least a quarter of an hour. Only then can you proceed to washing in the washing machine.

Then there is the miracle food that allows you to achieve incredible results. It is breadcrumbs that are placed directly on top of the lipstick stain, in this way they dry the product. Let them sit for a few hours , then put the garment in the washing machine and wash it as usual.