You will never throw away your plastic bottles again!

When we go on a day trip, we always take a bottle of water with us. After all, it’s good to drink a lot, so we usually finish the whole bottle. But what happens to the bottle when it’s empty? Well, unfortunately not much: we usually throw them in the trash, knowing we  should n’t refill them  . However, this is a waste because plastic bottles can be used for lots of fun and practical things!

Don’t throw away your used plastic bottles next time.

Cheap, homemade lawn sprinkler

All you need for this trick is a nail or screw to make a few holes in a water bottle. Make sure that there are no holes in the bottom of the bottle. After all, your garden won’t benefit if the water just seeps into the ground. Now all you have to do is attach the garden hose to the mouth of the bottle. Your garden sprinkler system is ready!

Separate eggs

Do you always have problems separating eggs? Some recipes only require the yolk or egg white, so you have to separate the two somehow. This can be quite a mess, but not if you use a plastic bottle. Simply crack an egg into a (deep) plate. Then remove the lid of the plastic bottle and squeeze the bottle a little. Hold the mouth of the still squeezed bottle over the egg yolk and then let go. This will suck the yolk into the bottle while leaving the white on the plate. It’s that easy!

Wasp trap

Do you want to safely catch wasps that are buzzing around your garden? Then use a plastic bottle! Simply cut the bottle in half and fill the bottom half with a sweet syrup (like lemonade). Now put the top half upside down into the bottom half so that the mouth of the bottle points downwards. The wasps will flock to the sweet liquid, but will no longer be able to find their way out.

Cut out cookies

Have you wanted to bake a batch of cookies but realized a little too late that you don’t have cookie cutters? Here too, a plastic bottle proves to be the perfect savior in an emergency. Simply cut it in half and cut out one half of the dough.

Homemade air conditioning

It’s super easy to make your own air conditioner using a plastic bottle. All you need is a fan and two bottles of frozen water. A fan is all well and good, but unfortunately it just blows warm air around without actually cooling the room. However, with this trick it is possible! Simply fill two large bottles with water and place them in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. Then place the bottles on a folded tea towel on the floor (or a table if you have a pedestal fan). Now if you put the fan behind the bottles, the fan will blow really cool air around. This can actually cause the temperature to drop.