For this reason, you should add black pepper to the washing machine

This household tip is even budget-friendly

When it comes to housekeeping, there are a lot of things we can’t stand. Have you done a lot of washing and then notice that some clothes are discolored? Such crap too! Since you don’t want to keep buying new clothes, you’ll find a solution here. Did you know that you can save yourself a lot of frustration with black pepper? Find out why here!

Soap residue on clothing

Of course, you use detergent with every wash cycle. But did you know that this detergent can also leave a lot of marks? Like that new black top that looks dark gray after one wash, or that duvet cover that seems to be more shiny after a single wash: It’s all the fault of the detergent you use. The soap residue that sticks to clothes is to blame.

Are you curious how to fix this?

Black pepper in the washing machine

To prevent your detergent from ruining all your beautiful clothes, all you need is a little bit of black pepper – a teaspoon to be exact. You then mix it with your normal detergent to prevent discoloration. However, it is also important that the temperature of the washing program is not too high.

Here’s how it works

You’re probably wondering how black pepper can prevent discoloration. Well, the structure of black pepper prevents soap residue from sticking to clothes. Black pepper also prevents the colors from transferring to clothing.

Dishwasher tab in the washing machine

Aside from black pepper, it’s also smart to throw a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine every now and then. Experts recommend running the washing machine with one or two dishwasher tablets once a month to prevent the washing machine from clogging. Set the washing machine to 90 degrees and let it run for a while – this extends its lifespan!