How to unclog the drain in less than a minute: a simple and natural method

Clogged drain? No need to ask yourself what the problem is and whether you should buy a filter: prevention is certainly better than cure, considering that most solutions are chemical or cumbersome. However, if you don’t feel like dismantling the pipe or want to resort to aggressive advertising-sponsored products, we recommend a simple, natural and effective method to quickly fix the problem.

Everything you need to drain a pipe without damaging it is probably already in your home, even if you didn’t know it yet.

1. In a cup, mix equal parts baking soda and salt.

2. Now pour the powder into the drain.

3. Now pour a large cup of warm vinegar down the drain.

4. Finally, pour boiling water into the pipe.


Your exhaust is clear! If necessary, you can repeat the process for a better result. Remember that you can use this ecological method every time your drain is struggling to drain the water… so you don’t end up in desperate situations that require the intervention of a plumber.

Here is the video with the complete process.