11 Unexpected Uses of Fabric Softener… That Have Nothing to Do with the Washing Machine

In the area of ​​natural ingredients, we know that lemon, vinegar and sodium bicarbonate are suitable for a wide variety of applications with unparalleled effectiveness, but sometimes also for artificial products.
In this case we are talking about the fabric softener that we usually use to soften clothes but can instead be used in many other situations and we are sure that among these there is more than one that you did not know.

1. Use fabric softener to clean brushes. First wash off the paint well and then apply a small amount of product to the bristles: when you use them again, they will still be soft!

2. Clean flat surfaces. The fabric softener removes dust and counteracts deposits.

3. For cleaning the bathroom. Soap and dirt stains on taps, showers and toilets can be removed with a little fabric softener and a dry cloth.

4. If you don’t have detergent…you can use hot water and a few drops of fabric softener.

5. You can also remove wallpaper from the wall!

We’ve already talked about this, but basically it’s about combining some of the hot water with some of the softener and using the resulting liquid to soften the wallpaper and make it much easier to remove.

6. Removes paint residue from bathroom surfaces. Add two parts water to one part fabric softener, spray the affected part, and then dry it with a piece of paper.

7. You can use this mixture to anti-static carpets by spraying a small amount on them. The effect will last for a few weeks.

8. Use it to deodorize the house. Dilute a tablespoon of baking soda with two parts water and one part fabric softener and spray where you want to remove bad odors.

9. A layer of water and fabric softener in areas where unpleasant guests may appear will help: the smell will keep them away!

10. Remove pet hair from carpets. Spray the magic mixture on the carpets before vacuuming!

11. If you use the dryer, you can even use fabric softener instead of the corresponding sheets.

You can moisten a small towel with a teaspoon of fabric softener and place it in the drying basket.