18 Vaseline uses you didn’t know about that will make your life easier

Vaseline is an incredible product that comes from the uniform blending of saturated hydrates that come from petroleum refining. It is not a natural product, but it is still a powerful and useful ingredient in a myriad of different situations.

In this article we suggest 18 uses of Vaseline, from beauty to household cleaning, that will convince you to always have a small jar of this product at home.

Relieves pain caused by poison ivy

Skin rashes produced by contact with poison ivy cause irritation and pain. To avoid this allergic reaction, simply apply some Vaseline to the affected area.


Vaseline helps speed the healing of wounds after surgery, a tattoo, or a simple cut.

Helps pull out rings

It can happen that fingers swell and rings become impossible to pull out. If you find yourself in this situation, apply some Vaseline, whose lubricating action will make pulling the ring out much easier.

Relax the body

After a stressful day, giving a massage with Vaseline helps relax muscles and joints, generating a feeling of well-being.

Avoid rubbing between the legs

If you have been wearing a long dress or skirt without stockings or leggings, it happens that when you walk your legs rub against each other. To avoid feeling pain or causing irritation, apply some Vaseline.

Lengthen the duration of the perfume

Before applying perfume to the body, spread a little Vaseline to increase the duration of the scent.

Removes makeup

If you happen to find yourself without lotion or makeup removal wipes, just use Vaseline to remove makeup and have a super clean face.

Moisturizes skin

Use Vaseline on dry lips to moisturize them and prevent them from cracking. Mix Vaseline with a little aloe vera gel for an even more effective effect. You can also use Vaseline to moisturize your hands and the rest of your body.

Increase the durability of makeup

If you mix a little Vaseline with a lipstick, the effect of the latter will be much longer. Apply some Vaseline to your eyelids before applying makeup to achieve the same effect.


Mix some Vaseline with two tablespoons of salt or sugar to make a wonderful body exfoliant.

Regrows eyelashes

One of the most common uses of Vaseline is to stimulate eyelash regrowth. Apply a small amount of Vaseline directly to your eyelashes before bedtime.

Soften cuticles

Apply a little Vaseline to your nails at night before bedtime to keep cuticles soft and healthy.

Protects hair

Vaseline is an excellent product for preventing irritation or allergies in the scalp when we dye. Before applying the dye, apply a little Vaseline around the ears, neck or forehead and any other part that is in contact with the hair roots.

Prevents squeaking

You don’t have to spend money on products specifically against squeaking doors or cabinets. Just apply some Vaseline, which costs much less and has the same effect.

Polishing wood

Use a cloth to apply a little Vaseline to the surface of wooden furniture to return it to its original shine. This product prevents dust from sticking to surfaces.

Undoing a zipper

If the zipper on your pants or jacket has become stuck, use a little Vaseline, whose lubricating action will solve the situation in just a few seconds.

Polishing shoes

If you want to return your shoes to the shine they had when they were new, use some Vaseline and apply it with a cloth.

Protect frames

Before painting the frame of a window, photo or mirror, grease the part you don’t need to paint with Vaseline. Doing so will create a protective layer that will prevent paint from settling on those spots.

Now that you know what the alternative uses of Vaseline are, we are sure you will have convinced yourself that you always have a jar of it on hand.