3 “luxury hotel” tricks for a spotlessly clean, fragrant and shiny bathroom

From bleach to special products for removing limescale and mold from tiles and faucets to bicarbonate of soda and vinegar for cleaning the toilet, how many bathroom cleaning tricks have you tried so far? Certainly many.

Cleaning the bathroom is not that easy: various types of dirt accumulate in it, from limescale to soap residue, but also bacteria or mold, which often have to be eliminated to avoid health problems. Some products only remove dirt but do not disinfect.

Below we propose three tricks to clean the bathroom and make it fragrant and spotless, which are used in luxury hotels to speed up the work without sacrificing impeccable cleanliness.

First trick for cleaning the bathroom
In a spray bottle, add 150 ml of hydrogen peroxide, a few drops of liquid soap, a few drops of essential oil to taste and the rest of clean water. Shake well and spray the solution all over the toilet, both outside and inside.

Then sprinkle some baking powder on top and wait 15 minutes. After this time, clean the entire surface with a clean cloth.

Second “luxury hotel” trick for cleaning the bathroom
To clean floors and tiles, pour hot (but not too hot) water, 100 ml of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dish soap into a bucket.

Pour the solution onto the floor and scrub with a brush or broom until foam forms. Finally wipe with a clean cloth.

Third trick for cleaning the bathroom
It is the simplest of all and its goal is to perfume the entire bathroom.

The only thing you have to do is put a few drops of essential oil on the cardboard in the toilet paper rolls and you’re done. The whole bathroom will smell delicious for many hours.

Now that you know the luxury hotel tricks to quickly clean the bathroom and leave it perfectly clean, don’t wait any longer and start applying them to your home too.