Fabulous trick for repairing faux leather on jackets, bags, shoes or furniture

Jackets , bags or shoes made of fake leather are widespread and represent an ethical and ecological alternative to clothing and items made from animal skin. However, their only disadvantage is the tendency to wear out and become practically unusable.

Faux leather is a material that mimics animal skin and is made from polymers, a processed fiber that imitates the texture and color of “real” leather. Although it has a higher resistance to friction, has an antibacterial effect and is easier to shape, synthetic leather wears out more quickly.

Luckily, the solution isn’t necessarily getting rid of your favorite bag, shoes, or jacket. Below we propose a very effective trick to repair faux leather or faux leather .

You need:

Fabric color (the color of the item you need to restore)
white glue
2 brushes
Apply some glue to the worn area using one of the two brushes. Spread the glue evenly, let it dry, and then apply another layer of glue.

Once the second layer of glue has dried, apply the paint with the other brush. Go over it several times with the brush until you get an even color.

Now that you know how to repair a faux leather jacket, bag, or shoes , try this method now before you think about getting rid of your favorite item.

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