With the FlyLady method you can clean and tidy the entire house in 15 minutes

When we deep clean our entire house, we spend entire days surrounded by dust, dirty clothes, dishes waiting to be washed, or cleaning out closets and closets that seem ready to explode. There never seems to be enough time to keep the house clean and tidy: this is exactly why the FlyLady method was developed.

The FlyLady Method is an organizing and cleaning system created by Marla Cilley , an organization guru that promises to make our homes more inviting and save us tons of time.

His suggestion is based on routines designed to keep the house clean effortlessly and dedicates just 15 minutes to them . The key to the FlyLady method is precisely this: during cleaning, you need to focus on specific areas and dedicate 15 minutes to each.

The 15 minute a day rule
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Keep the sink perfectly clean
A lot of dirt, bacteria and limescale build up on the sink, so it needs to be kept clean, empty and dry. According to the FlyLady method, a clean sink is an inspiration for keeping the whole house clean.

The most effective trick for cleaning the sink is to mix 70 grams of baking soda, 250 ml of vinegar and the juice of one lemon, pour everything into the sink, wait about ten minutes and clean the surfaces with a sponge. Finally, rinse and wipe with a dry cloth.

Get dressed and put on your shoes
It probably seems strange to you, but according to the new organizing guru, people feel and behave differently when they’re fully clothed, even if they don’t leave the house.

Being dressed from head to toe makes us feel ready and avoids excuses to avoid some household chores, such as taking out the trash.

Zone your house and tidy it up in 15 minutes
Do not move from one room to another. If you were repeated to start, you were repeated to continue.

Create a weekly plan
According to the FlyLady method, we can save time and get as much done as possible through a well-organized control of the tasks to be done.