5 tricks to remove the broken key from the lock without dismantling it

key in the lock

Effective tricks to free the lock from the broken key

The broken key in the lock is one of those accidents that can easily happen due to distraction, poor maintenance or haste. The problem is that when it happens, a quick and immediate solution is needed to be able to return home

Before calling the locksmith or dismantling the lock you can try these 5 tricks .

How to free the lock from the broken key

To apply the first makeup you will need a magnet . Put some lubricant on the lock and place the magnet on the key. The key will come off by adhering to the magnet. It is important to remember that this trick can only be effective if the key is stuck in a vertical position.

old lock

The second trick involves using pliers or a pair of thin-tipped scissors. Grab the end of the key that is sticking out and gently try to pull it away.

The following tricks will be useful in case the door is open but the broken key remains in the lock.

In the case of an open door and a broken key in the lock, take a pair of sharp scissors and insert them into the opposite side from where the key is located. Push and if it doesn’t come out completely, grab it with tweezers.

bunch of keys

The second trick is similar to the previous one, except that it involves using another key to free the lock from the broken one. Insert it into the lock and push the key away.

The latest trick has been all the rage on social media but it only works if the key is vertical. Melt a piece of silicone using a lighter. Place the loose silicone on the lock at the key. Apply strong pressure and wait for the silicone to cool. Gently pull the silicone back to help the key come out.

As we anticipated, you can only use these 5 tricks if the key is in a vertical position. However, if it has broken in another position, the only solution is to call a locksmith and have the lock replaced.