9 devices always unplug them if you want to reduce your energy consumption

Electricity bills often hide consumption that was not foreseen, we are probably not very careful with the use of the devices we take out at home. Some, even when turned off, consume more energy than you imagine, so it would be advisable to turn them off.

What you don’t know, or perhaps you know but forget, is that some appliances, even when turned off or in standby mode, consume an average of about 1.6 kilowatts per day in a home. This represents between 5% and 10% of the energy expenditure of more than one family.

1. Cable box:   Devices that provide cable or satellite television service have different power consumption. The one that consumes the most, according to the study, is the one with the “VCR” mode.

2. Laptops:   The laptops we have at home can consume up to 8.9 watts per hour. In standby or hibernation mode, this consumption can reach 15.7W.

3. Music device:   if the device integrates the radio and remains on, the consumption reaches 14.4 w.

4. Desktop computers:   If you leave the PC in sleep mode, consumption increases to 21.1 watts and if it is turned on without utilities even if the monitor is off, it can consume 73.9w.

5. The coffee maker:   consumes just over 1w/hour plugged in without use. While the game console: when it is turned off and left connected, it consumes around 1w, but if it is left in “ready to use” mode, it drops to 23.3w.

6. Television: LCD screens tend to consume less energy.  However, some models can consume twice as much as the old cathode ray model.

7. Microwave oven:   this appliance multiplies its consumption up to 8 times if the door is open. Consumption is 3.08 w, but with the door open it is 25.79 w.

8. Cordless telephone:   if the telephone has an answering machine, consumption can reach 2.9w/hour.

9. Mobile chargers:   this is the one that consumes the least. However, you don’t need to leave it plugged in when you’re not charging your phone.

In short, before going to bed it may be better to take a walk to unplug the devices you don’t need.