Anthurium, a handful is enough to make it bloom like never before: it lasts you for years

Anthurium, did you know that this beautiful houseplant can survive in your apartment for years? You just need a handful of this ingredient to ensure a long shelf life.


This beautiful plant with showy, brightly colored flowers  tends to wilt easily. However, we have a tip for you:  use this ingredient and you will see it flourish for years.

Anthurium, all the characteristics of this beautiful houseplant

Not everyone has a green thumb. Taking care of plants is like taking care of a human being:  you have to give them attention and love. Not all plants are made to live in an apartment or in rooms with little exposure to light.


However, there is an  indoor plant  , precisely so defined due to the fact that even in a not always comfortable environment like a house it can survive: we are talking about  anthurium  . Also known as  Anthurium andreanum  , it is characterized by its  extraordinary, showy and colorful flowers  and its  pointed or heart-shaped leaves  . An elegant and refined plant,  it is perfect for living in an apartment. Did you know that  its flowers can last more than two months  ? However, remember that once they have faded, they must be peeled so that new ones can be born. With proper care,  your beautiful Anthurium can even live for years. However, there is one  particular ingredient  that can  guarantee you this long survival. Do you know what it is? If you water it this way, your plant can live for more than three years.

The secret ingredient to Anthurium flowering

Plant  native to Equatorial America  , its name derives from Greek and literally means  “tailed flower”,  due to the particular shape of its leaves, which are called  spathes  , are shown with a small yellow tail.


Unlike many other plants,  Anthurium andreanum  does not require any special effort or care. It is an  indoor plant  that can survive for a long time if cared for properly. Only requirement: it needs good ambient humidity  given that it comes from the  Colombian tropical jungle. Therefore, if you too have this beautiful plant and have noticed that it is slowly withering, the reason could also be  the lack of humidity in the environment  in which the plant is located. We advise you to  always place it away from  direct heat sources and  central heating  which make the environment arid and dry. There is a  secret ingredient  that will allow you to ensure the long survival of your anthurium, even for years. Curious to know what it is? It’s easily found in supermarkets and you may already have it at home: we’re talking  about oat water  ! You can easily prepare  this homemade mixture with your own hands that will work wonders for your anthurium  .

Oat water

Simply  boil 1000 ml of water to which you will add 2 tablespoons of oat powder. The resulting product will be a  natural fertilizer  that will reinvigorate your anthurium and ensure its survival for years to come. A single ingredient can therefore save your beautiful houseplant. We advise you to use this  self-produced fertilizer in the morning  , so that the plant has plenty of time to allow  the soil to absorb the properties and nutrients of the oat water. Remember that  your anthurium’s soil should never be dry  . But be careful, don’t make a common mistake:  the Anthurium should not be watered every day but every three days in summer and every 6 in autumn and winter. Regarding the other characteristics, as we mentioned before, the anthurium is a plant that needs to live in an environment with constant humidity. So, you might consider placing a humidifier  near the plant. In addition, it must live in  a bright area  , therefore near a window or where the sun manages to filter in a non-direct way to avoid burning the leaves.