Banana peels, throwing them away is a big waste: for housewives they are worth gold | use them like this

Banana peel

When you eat a banana you usually do one thing, you peel it, throw away the peel and eat the fruit. It is a wrong habit, because even if you think that you can’t do anything with banana peels, they can always be useful in a thousand ways. 

There are so many things that can be done with a banana peel, following the art of recycling. Not all housewives know it, those who already know it can no longer do without it.

The peels can be used directly in cooking, strange as it may seem. Like many other products that  we throw away without thinking twice  , being certain that they are nothing more than waste, which can actually be helpful in other cases and occasions.

Banana  is one of the most loved fruits by everyone,  from children to adults,  because it is rich in nutrients.  By consuming many, you will always have plenty of banana peels available to use however you like.

That is why  we must learn to leave them aside and avoid throwing them away  , and then cook super delicious, healthy, alternative dishes for all tastes.

Reusing banana peels is possible, here are the ways

Banana peels, like the fruit itself,  are beneficial  , which is why everyone should eat them. They can be used to prepare  organic fertilizers to use on plants at home  or in the garden. Or, to combat skin spots and wrinkles, in this case they are wonderful,  because they contain many vitamins, potassium, magnesium and iron.

They can also be  used in the kitchen  . Many people grind them into flour to create  a product that many say is really good.  Once ground into flour, they can also be used to  make baked goods  . The result, apparently, is satisfactory.

Flour rich in fiber and potassium, how to make it for the preparation of desserts

Banana peels  contain fiber and potassium, making them healthy and  especially suitable for making desserts designed for children. It is not necessarily  necessary to use only banana peel flour  , you can combine two different flours, for example 75% of this should be added to 25% of the normal flour.

Anyone who wants to experiment can try  using banana peels as a dessert and also as a savory dessert  . The flour made from the shells has a shelf life of 3 months, during which it can be used in a thousand ways. Then, obviously, there are many other recipes that not only refer to desserts, but also to savory preparations.

Curry peels, how to prepare them in just a few minutes

For example  , you can prepare curried banana peels  by putting together 4 banana peels, an onion, a glass of beer, two teaspoons of curry, a pinch of salt, a pinch of chilli and a tablespoon full of oil. First, pour the oil into the pan, along with the onion, sauté, then add the finely cut banana peels and brown them for about 5 minutes.

Once the necessary time has passed,  add the curry, chilli and salt  and continue mixing. Halfway through cooking, we pour the beer into the saucepan and raise the heat so that it evaporates completely. Then lower the heat and pour in the vegetable broth or just water. Cooking should continue for another hour.

Fried banana peels, the original appetizer, more than delicious

Alternatively, you can also prepare some delicious marinated and fried banana peels –  a special appetizer  . Two banana peels are enough to cook enough for 4 people. Proceed this way: cut them lengthwise and then into strips, then marinate them in apple cider vinegar, paprika, soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar, cinnamon and cumin for at least 20 minutes  .

Once the indicated time has passed, they are fried in hot oil and removed from the oil only  when they are golden  . They are delicious, especially recommended as an appetizer when you have guests for lunch or dinner  . There are so many recipes with banana peel  that it is a shame not to try them.