Goodbye yellow streaks on the toilet, detergents do not solve anything: only in this way will the problem be eliminated

Yellow bathroom stripes.

It happens that you find yellow streaks on the walls of the toilet and you try in vain to remove them with detergents. But on the other hand, the method to eliminate them is different and you only need two ingredients that you find in the kitchen pantry.

The bathroom is a place full of bacteria and many times washing it well becomes really difficult, especially when yellow streaks form on the walls where the water flows. They are unsightly and make the bathroom look unkempt and shabby. Normally the classic detergents available are not as effective and there are natural remedies that are much better.

Yellow streaks in the bathroom: here’s how to remove them

The yellow streaks that form on toilets are mainly due to limescale.  These do not have a pleasant appearance and make the toilet look dirty and unclean. One of the most effective methods involves using two ingredients found in your kitchen. These are  baking soda and vinegar.

baking soda and vinegar

The combination of these two, which are excellent allies in household chores, will make the yellow streaks disappear and you will have a toilet like new. What you want to do is sprinkle the inside walls of the toilet with baking soda and then sprinkle some vinegar on top. Leave it on overnight for both to take effect and then scrub well with the toilet brush.

Other methods to clean the toilet and in particular the yellow streaks.

But vinegar and baking soda are not the only method, since other substances that act by eliminating the unsightly yellow streaks from the toilet can also be used. Here we leave you some remedies always with products that are found at home and that do not use the classic supermarket products:

yellow bathroom stripes, remedies
  • Citric acid  : just prepare a solution of 150 g of citric acid and 1 L of very hot water. Let it dissolve well without burning and then transfer the solution to a spray bottle. The heat of the water will activate the acid and its functions. And by spraying it on the streaks and letting it sit for a few hours, you will see that after rubbing with a brush there will no longer be any yellow streaks left. However, it is important not to use this method on marble and natural stone.
  • Lemon and Vinegar  : This is a lighter and less dangerous combination than citric acid. Simply pour 2 glasses of vinegar and the juice of two lemons into a spray bottle. Then spray on the strips and leave it to act overnight. Then scrub with a toilet brush and rinse. The stains will no longer be there. However, it is important not to use this method on marble and natural stone.
  • Salt  : just sprinkle a little coarse salt on the strips, trying to make it stick. Then leave it on overnight, scrub with a bath brush and rinse. Salt will counteract the hardness of the water and is in fact an excellent ally against limescale even in the washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Hydrogen peroxide  : the latter can be used alone or with baking soda for greater action. Simply pour baking soda over the yellow toilet strips and then pour 3% hydrogen peroxide over them. A foam will be created that you will then rub with the brush. Hydrogen peroxide is excellent for whitening and combined with baking soda the result is guaranteed.